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Price level: Moderately
Phone: +1 813-903-1900
Address: 2766 East Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33612
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sara skinner
Rating: 1/5
I really really wish that my story was a happy one. I went to pick out a fish with my boyfriend exactly 3 days ago and we got a beta for my dorm. I picked out a tank that could self clean, I gave him a friend and a moss ball so he would be happy. There were two fish in their cleaning solution for the nets as well, but the staff appeared unconcerned. I came home from class today to find our son dead on the bottom of the tank. The water smelled foul and there was a white smear down the glass to his final resting place. He had ich, was sick when I got him, and died less than a week after I brought him home. I am so sad, but after reading other reviews I'm not really surprised.
May, 02 2020
Diane Marcum
Rating: 4/5
I go there at least once or twice a week getting fish the sales reps are friendly and prices are reasonable
Oct, 04 2019
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