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4601 West San Jose Street, Tampa, FL 33629
Al Lopez Park
4810 North Himes Avenue, Tampa, FL 33614
Rating: 4/5
Alan Wright Park
Tampa, Tampa, FL 33604
Alfred "Al" Barnes Park
2902 North 32nd Street, Tampa, FL 33605
Beach Park Private School
Tampa, Tampa, FL 33609
Blackwater Hammock
7999 East Veve Lane, Tampa, FL 33610
Cal Dickson Tennis Center
4009 West Watrous Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629
Carrollwood Park
11430 Orange Grove Drive, Tampa, FL 33618
Causeway Park
2846 90th Street, Tampa, FL 33619
Rating: 4/5
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Centennial Park
1800 East 8th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605
Compton Park
16101 Compton Drive, Tampa, FL 33647
Countryway park
11111 West Waters Avenue, Tampa, FL 33635
Rating: 5/5
Countryway Park
Tampa, Tampa, FL 33635
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Cresent Hill Parking Facility
4119 USF Cedar Drive, Tampa, FL 33620
Croc Encounters
8703 Bowles Road, Tampa, FL 33637
Crosstown Tech
1401 North 31st Street, Tampa, FL 33605
Rating: 5/5
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Cyrus Greene Park
2101 East Drive Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33603
Desato Park Hillsborough
3611 Danny Bryan Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33619
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Desoto Park
Corrine Street, Tampa, FL 33605
Eighteenth Street Playground
2902 North 32nd Street, Tampa, FL 33605
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Epps Park
350 West Fern Street, Tampa, FL 33604
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Foster Park
4700 South Clark Avenue, Tampa, FL 33611
Rating: 4/5
Freedom Park
West Kentucky Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602
Geopark USF
3302 USF Hawthorn Drive, Tampa, FL 33612
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Giddens Park
5202 North 12th Street, Tampa, FL 33603
Grant Park
Tampa, Tampa, FL 33619
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Harney Park
7601 U.S. 301, Tampa, FL 33637
Rating: 5/5
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Henry & Ola Park
502 West Henry Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604
Herbert D. Carrington Sr. Community Lake
3498-3400 East Ellicott Street, Tampa, FL 33610
High Park
3111 East Drive Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33610
Hillsborough County Parks
10119 Windhorst Road, Tampa, FL 33619
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Hummingbird Gardens
10305 N Henderson Road, Tampa, FL 33625
Rating: 1/5
Jim Walters Park
1508 North Clark Avenue, Tampa, FL 33607
Jones Vet Group
14042 Shady Shores Drive, Tampa, FL 33613
6620 Hanley Road, Tampa, FL 33634
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Kiley Gardens
400 North Ashley Drive, Tampa, FL 33602
Kwane Doster Community Center
7506 South Morton Street, Tampa, FL 33616
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Lettuce Lake Park
6920 East Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, FL 33637
Rating: 5/5
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Lykes Bros Inc
400 North Tampa Street #1900, Tampa, FL 33602
McDugald Park
1211 East Sligh Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604
MLK Plaza
Tampa, Tampa, FL 33620
New Tampa Nature Park
17001 Dona Michelle Drive, Tampa, FL 33612
North Tampa Park
8608 North 12th Street, Tampa, FL 33604
Ocean Park
Tampa, Tampa, FL 33611
Old Memorial Trailhead
Upper Tampa Bay Trail, Tampa, FL 33635
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